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My family name is: Zanganeh, "Aazam", is a Persian honorary title, awarded exclusively and very rarely by the King of Persia, in antiquity.
My family is from the North West of Iran. The city of Kermânchâh is our historical stronghold. Our family history goes back more than 500 years BC, in this country that was called Persia (modern Iran). Our family is intimately linked to the political, military, economic and artistic history of this country, and has been for centuries.
The City of Kermânchâh, under the impulse of the King of Persia, will be developed by my great – great – great – great – great-grandfather: Sheikh Ali Khan Zanganeh (1669) son of Shahrokh Sultan Zanganeh, Grand Vizier (Prime Minister ), Treasurer of the Royal Court of Persia and Regent of King Safavid Suleiman 1ᵉʳ.
The book by Dr. Sohrab Aazam Zanganeh, my cousin explains in detail the history of our Dynasty in Ancient Persia as well as in modern Iran. He mentions the origin of the Title *Aazam* associated with our surname Zanganeh, Aazam which means in Persian; " Great " ; Honorary Royal title granted by the King of the Qadjar Dynasty.
The artist Mojdeh (Aazam-Zanganeh) Taleghani, of Persian and French origin, was inspired by her maternal grandfather who was a jewelry designer for the royal family in Iran from 1880 to 1920.
Mojdeh studied art in the workshops of professors teaching at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran.
She has been painting since 1962 and fully felt the atmosphere that reigned in her family spirit.
She teaches in her studio and created the artistic awakening association in Thonon-les-Bains since 1999, as well as at the United Nations Office in Geneva, and regularly participates in exhibitions in Europe and Switzerland. It collaborates with the Town Hall of Thonon-les-Bains, in order to create educational and creative workshops.
After a figurative period, Mojdeh turned to more abstract creations.
The originality of his work lies in the use of a technique that is specific to him and the work with raw metals.
His works are characterized by colorful breaks, harmonies of gold and silver that bring out bursts of light.
Gold being a material with a strong symbolic connotation, the work of gold leaf allows the artist to demonstrate his very modern and personal way of disturbing the two-dimensional character of the space given by the surface of the canvas.
The artist draws his inspiration from his Persian origins. Persian poetry and his childhood memories are precious and inexhaustible sources of artistic expression for Mojdeh.